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Recipes include fresh and whole ingredients to keep you and your family healthy

Busy Mornings Healthy Breakfast Cookbook- Healthy with PatriciaBusy Mornings Healthy Breakfast Cookbook- Healthy with Patricia

Busy Mornings Healthy Breakfast Cookbook


Quick healthy make-ahead breakfast recipes to make every morning shine!


Skipping breakfast is never a good idea, as breakfast starts the day.

This cookbook has simple recipes to help you and your family eat nutritious, homemade meals during the busiest time of day and recapture precious morning minutes. No more stuck in a rut of cereal or granola bars or the cafeteria line for breakfast.

This cookbook includes:

  • 46 tasty, balanced breakfasts–Enjoy healthier takes on the foods you love, all of which have nutritional information and dietary labels.
  • Solutions for busy mornings–Look for the recipes labeled “Quick” when you need fast solutions or make-ahead tips for the days you’re able to plan in advance.
  • Bring back the most important meal of the day with The Healthy Breakfast Cookbook.


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