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Recipes include fresh and whole ingredients to keep you and your family healthy

The Busy Mom's Cookbook- Healthy with PatriciaThe Busy Mom's Cookbook- Healthy with Patricia

Busy Mom’s Cookbook


180+ low carbs real food family meal planning recipes for all dietary needs to preserve your sanity.


Get inspired and organized with your meal planning process!

What’s Cooking Moms provides 8 weeks of done-for-you meal plans, a shopping list for each week, and meal prep guidance. 

This is for you if:

  • You want to meal plan each week, but it just takes SO much time and thought. 
  • You keep a Pinterest board full of saved recipes but never have the time to make them.
  • You always ask your friends on Facebook what they are making  for dinner.
  • You’re tired of making daily trips to the grocery store. 
  • You’re tired of coming home after a busy day and ordering takeout because you don’t have a plan or food in the fridge (it’s okay Mamas, don’t beat yourself up we all do it).


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