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Low Carbs Holiday Cookbook




Create Holiday memories with these delicious, easy to follow recipes and spend more time with your family.
Craft a memorable celebration this holiday season with
This Holiday Cookbook is for busy moms.
We all know that holidays are meant to be fun.
But for the cook planning the feast, the holidays can inspire dread.
Feeding the family on a daily basis is hard enough.
Making the meal both special and delicious can raise the bar out of sight.

“This Christmas Cookbook” shows you how to prepare delicious and easy-to-prepare meals during the holidays using plant-based, whole food, and in-season ingredients.

Inside you will find:
100 + delicious recipes to lift your holiday spirits and tips to save time and energy cooking holidays food
 Beautiful colorful photography and easy-to-follow recipes will make it easier than ever to liven up any celebration with delectable sweets.
 Crowd pleasing appetizers, soups, and salads or meat stuffed puff and slow-cooked turkey meatballs.
 Mouth watering small bites the whole family and friends will love like blueberry tart.

 Dessert to satisfy your sweet took like cranberry mincemeat lattice tart, Christmas gluten- free cookies, desserts such as grinch ice cream, mousse cake with mirror glaze.

 Vegan and gluten-free recipes to choose from, you can be confident no one feels left out in the cold this Christmas season.
 From cookie swap champions to beginner bakers. This is for anyone looking to bring a hint of sweetness back to the holidays.
 Instant hits such as blue Christmas cocktails, and even snacks perfect for serving at your movie marathons, plus recipes from the Hallmark Channel movies everything you need to host a watch-party!

Each recipe comes with a detailed list of ingredients, cooking time, number of servings, easy to follow step-by-step instructions and nutritional information per serving.
Moms are busy, but there’s no reason holiday gatherings can not still be fabulous!


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