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Slimming and Filling Salad- Healthy with PatriciaSlimming and Filling Salad- Healthy with Patricia

Slimming and Filling Salad


Easy, make-ahead packable lunches, low carb, high in plant-based protein, and hearty enough to keep you feeling full.


Enjoy your veggies in a new way by incorporating one salad into your day, every day!

This recipe book contains a collection of 41 nutritious healthy and tasty salads recipes for your family (dieters and non-dieters alike) that are quick and effortless to prepare

This recipe book is for you if:

  • You love the idea of eating salad to be and feel healthier, but HATE the fact that you’re usually starving 20 mins later?
  • Ordering a salad at a restaurant seems boring? Or worse, you realize it had the same calories as a burger and fries? So much for eating “healthy”.
  • You feel like homemade dressing is a ton of work?
  • You are tired of stocking up on veggies with good intentions, only to see soggy produce in your fridge by the end of the week?


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