Now I know how to give my body more energy and have gotten much leaner while doing Patricia’s meal plan ( size 10 down to size 6). Hard to believe I was going about it all wrong for over 10 years. Wish that I knew this sooner!

I was really interested in her idea of raising my metabolism because I didn’t want to keep doing what I was doing for 15 years, losing the weight and then gaining it back. At first I wasn’t used to eating all those calories since the foods REALLY kept me full! The oddest thing was that I lost 5 lbs before I even got through 10 days of the program! I even slept harder than I had in a long time. It was then that the real energy kicked in.

Patricia has changed my whole outlook on what I eat, how to eat, and how to stay healthy! I have gone through years of Weight Watchers and counting calories. I did lose weight, but I was by no means healthy, and I always gained it back even after doing hours of cardio. Not only did that give me a negative outlook on a healthy lifestyle, it did not really change the parts of my body that I wanted to work on. I was ready to start her nutrition plan. Patricia taught me how to look at these new daily changes as ones that I was capable of as a lifestyle, not a “diet”. She made me realize the word diet is such a negative word that women use constantly.

After one week of eating a little more than usual, I actually felt so much better. By day 30, I was feeling amazing, my stress was reduced, I was sleeping better, and the inches were coming off!

Patricia’s influence in my life has felt nothing short of miraculous in many ways. I knew her for many years before taking her up on nutritional counseling. I was Sick of fighting the same battle with my weight, but even more with the negative self-talk. With Patricia’s help, I became stronger, my clothes fit differently and I have more energy. All these things that I knew were supposed to happen when you get healthy but that I hadn’t really experienced before were happening!

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